Vocal Pedagogy Quantitative Research Design & Data Analysis Project
Confronting the Variability of Vibrato by Genre: A Novel Approach to Stylistic Vibrato Derivative Analysis
Guided Internship
Spring 2020

This MIE Internship began with a project proposal drafted in January 2020:

MIE INT Proj. Prop.

Watch my presentation during the Music-in-Education Department’s After NEC… what can I, should I, will I do? [Music Education and Community Engagement] Event with NEC President Andrea Kalyn on March 2nd, 2020. The presentations were followed by a panel discussion. Begin at 9:40 and end at 17:41:



And view the slides from the presentation itself below:

Original one-dimensional trial graphs: (created by Dr. Ian Howell in Microsoft Excel)

Second try linear regression graphs of each vibrato type (done in Excel with formulas):

[Variables: mean half extent, standard distribution, & slope]


Compared to the screenshots of the currently pre-existing vibrato analysis software (VoceVista 3.4.3):

[Variables: mean full vibrato extent, vibrato jitter, and vibrato rate] 

Perfect:                                                                                                    Normal:

Positive Slope:                                                                                  Negative Slope:

Bimodal:                                                                                              Pathological:

Polynomial regression graphs for Bimodal & Negative Slope vibrato types (created by Josh Gilbert in STATA):

Multiple views of three-dimensional graphs comparing the 3 variables from both methods of vibrato measurement: (created by Dr. Ian Howell in Plotly)

Here are my PowerPoint slides for my final Advanced Pedagogy Class presentation, in which I presented this work in its current stages:

Nestorova VC566 Final Presentation

*Video of presentation from Monday, May 4th, 2020 coming soon!

This research work was conceived during my Fulbright Study/Research Grant in Vienna, Austria (2018-2019) while working under the mentorship of Dr. Christian Herbst. When I arrived at New England Conservatory to begin my master’s studies in Vocal Pedagogy with Dr. Ian Howell, the first-semester research was phase 1, a part of this overarching project, entitled Does Vibrato Define Genre or Vice Versa?: An Acoustical Analysis of Vibrato by Style. I presented this pilot study at the National Opera Association Conference in Cleveland, OH in January 2020. During my second semester, I was connected with Josh Gilbert of the Music-in-Education Department at NEC, who has since guided me through the statistical portion of the current research stage, Confronting the Variability of Vibrato by Genre: A Novel Approach to Stylistic Vibrato Derivative Analysis. This work was selected to be an oral presentation at the (now virtual) Pan American Vocology Association Symposium in August 2020. I am continuing this research and very much look forward to doing so next year (my second year of master’s study) at NEC!

For updates regarding this & other activities, visit: theodoranestorova.com

*Many thanks to the following parties for making this venture possible:

  • Joshua Gilbert
  • Ian Howell
  • Kayla Gautereaux
  • Carole Haber
  • Joshua Glasner
  • Christian Herbst

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